Our goals are: give priority to efficiency, fast services and immediate availability for our customers.
We have about 45 vehicles, 20 of which with a tailgate.The services are designed to support customers who require shipments of small quantities to a variety of destinations.
The benefit is a flexible performance in quantity, ways and delivery times.

Your goods can be monitored at all times during transport from shipment to delivery thanks to the GPS system present on all our trucks .
It will also be possible to download the transport document from our dedicated portal within 24 hours of delivery.



Our vehicles, in addition to using modern computerized methods and detection of satellite systems, are able to supply cargo service and self-unloading of the goods.
The relationship with the customer is taken care in all phases of the service: from initial contact to delivery all our departments work in synergy with each other to guarantee the highest performance in the delivery.
We believe that keeping up to date and the level of modernity of our vehicles fleet is the only way to keep up your needs.

Transport in ADR

Transport in ADR (Dangerous goods)
ADR is the European agreement that regulates the transport of dangerous goods. This agreement contains the regulatory provisions for the transport of dangerous goods by road with regard to packaging, cargo securing and marking.

Our company provides transport and logistics services for dangerous goods and chemicals.
This type of operation requires extreme care and attention, since the dispersion of even a small part of these substances could cause serious damage to people and the surrounding environment. For the transport of dangerous goods it is in fact foreseen the use of special tanks, suitable for the type of material to contain.

Fast shipping

Punctuality and efficiency
The organization and punctuality in transport are our strength and allow us to deliver goods as quickly as possible.
We have an express transport service, also in ADR, to get your goods to their destination in 24 hours !!!
Through our branches in Veneto, Lazio, Campania, Abruzzo and Toscana, we also serve Umbria, Molise and Basilicata and Calabria ...... in 24 hours!


Logistics area

Our logistics area, organized and fast, allows to offer a complete service to our clients. 
The set of services that we are able to supply is the best solution for complete outsourcing of logistics functions for all sectors.
We have three warehouses of over 5000 square meters, where we can deposit your goods both short and long term, or waiting for the next shipment. 
All services are performed in compliance with accident prevention regulations by highly qualified personnel, in compliance with a strict quality and environmental policy.