The new brand IVECO ECOSTRALIS from 480 horsepower represent the top of technology on heavy vehicles, it is the ideal choice for transportation over long distances. A superior vehicle for the longest transport and complex with power, comfort, safety, driveability and durability than any other vehicle on the road can do.

We have a maintenance center, to repair and clean our vehicles.
Our maintenance and repair center can provides maximum efficiency and safety to our vehicles.

Periodic cleaning of our vehicles is strictly performed by our experienced staff.
Our goals are: give priority to efficiency, fast services and immediate availability for our customers.

Thanks to the wealth of experience acquired by all of us, during the years, management, staff working in commercial, administrative, etc., today we are able to offer in the road transport, both national and international a best "quality services", with particular attention to compliance with the regulations on road safety, labor and the environment, trying to maintain an ever-renewed and efficient fleet of vehicles, the eco-friendly adopting resources that respect the EEC Euro 6 legislation. 

Our IVECO ECOSTRALIS from 480 Cv, reliable and powerful able to walk 3.59 km (on average) with a liter of diesel oil, saving the maximum fuel.